About Founder

Mr. Vinod Kumar Agarwal was born in Sambhal, Moradabad in a family which believed in social justice. He was born on 17th May, 1948 in a family of entrepreneurs and social activists. His childhood revolved around patriotic and social activism work for his society and his country. He finished his diploma in Mechanical Engineering in 1970 from Polytechnic College, Lucknow and his graduation in Mechanical Engineering from Patanagar University, Lucknow. He further did special studies in Foundery technology. While working in private sector, he grasped knowledge and experience all the while handling his family’s business.

The dream of working for the society, and doing it rightfully so, as the moral values were instilled in his blood since childhood and he has been taught to help people since young age. His biggest inspiration, Late. Shree Ram Prakash Agarwal, was his best teacher who taught him how to work selflessly for the society and giving back to the community. Even today, when Vinod sees someone’s suffering, he’s in pain and he connects deeply to the hardship that someone is going through.

In the year 1992, while visiting on the banks of Ganges, an event will change the rest of his life and outlook on rightful cremation. In the auspicious city of Haridwar and its Kharkhari ghat, he saw some people cremating their relative with half burnt wood logs that are used to fully burn the deceased body, according to the religious Indian rituals, in the holy Ganges. This happened to be the turning point of his life. This event gave him a new vision— the Mokshda vision to find a green cremation ritual, that’s affordable by everyone, yet happens to stand up to the religious Hindu rituals and doesn’t hurt the sentiments of the Hindu people with the belief that it’s by God’s will.

After effectively finding a ritual that’s efficient to saving trees, Mr Vinod questioned its significance in the lives of people and society who he wanted to accept it with open arms. But even in fully developed countries, to change a tradition that’s been going on for hundreds of years, it has been nothing short of a challenge and he committed himself to accepting the transition of this new age cremation technology by wilfully bringing new ideas and turning again to the people, newspapers, resources, environmentalists, media and the people who have knew better than he did.

At last, after 27 years of extensive research and hard work, he perfected the system to a more greener way to not only save trees, but also a modern, and cost-effective way of cremation technology that will be in sincere bonds with both the environment and humanity. Right now, he’s 72, and his life mission of divulging himself in different and varied self activism work and projects for the betterment of the society and the environment has been fulfilled.