Journey of Mokshda

Mokshda wants to achieve a healthy collaboration to collectivise communities towards the road of green revolution. One of the significant processes targeted through Mokshda, is the green cremation method which is a better and safer alternative than the conventional cremation method, providing proper air combustion and efficiency to the cremation processes and saving trees from deforestation. Through Mokshda, the eco- friendly initiative wants to protect the upcoming generations of children and bring awareness to people to grant protectionism to trees and facilitate greener habits towards our environment while sustaining a better environment than what everybody is residing in. Further, the greener initiative chooses to foster awareness amongst the communities targeted through the common man and his daily life habits, and to educate him to understand climate change and the ideas behind having a healthy environment and bringing awareness to the pollution we add to our surroundings, while being responsible to sustaining it harmoniously. The idea to save our environment from our daily exploitation of the planet we are inhabiting for our needs and wants, is what drives Mokshda to be conscious of executing practises that’ll change the way we fulfil our desires while progressing towards the betterment of our shared environment. Through Mokshda, recently about 1 lakhs trees have been saved, every year but the aim is to save upto 400 lakhs trees per year. And, this is a goal that’s likely to be achieved through the more efficiency in the cremation systems. ONGC, and other state companies have helped the company to set up its 30 intermediaries in different cities, and through its setup, Mokshda has actively saved 3 lakhs fully formed trees and 1 lakhs half formed trees.

Through it’s progressive and green system, the cremation process is finished with only 80-150 kgs of wood logs following the whole Hindu Vedic cremation rituals fully.

The effective cremation system initiative engages with children on an academic level through organising meetings and gatherings, speeches, debates, elocution contests, holistic competitions such as art and craft, painting and drawing, regular street art and theatre performances to educate and inform children about the stakes in hand when it comes to deforestation and having a clean, healthy environment around them. We want our younger minds to appreciate the positivity and advantages of growing up in a green environment and understand the utmost importance of having a healthy vicinity of green surroundings through the plantation of more trees and saving them from regular deforestation. We further want to educate the masses about the incentives of protecting our environment through simpler efforts and getting a massive return back in the form of cleaner air for better breathing, stable weather changes and a refuge from impulsive, unanticipated natural disasters.